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About Us

Colonial Employee Benefits Solutions (EBS) has been serving the New England community since 1976. We are dedicated to providing personal customer service, because we know our work reverberates past our employers, down to their employees.

If you would like to receive a no-cost benefits analysis, please use our employers invitation request.

Dear Employer,

You provide benefits to your employees so you can attract and retain your valuable team members. Do they understand what those benefits are? Do they appreciate what is being provided to them? Do they understand that the benefits you provide increase their real wages significantly? Let’s get rid of the “hidden paycheck” and clarify what your staff is actually earning.

Colonial Employee Benefits Solutions (EBS) is here to help effectively communicate to your employees how you are helping them with their financial security and that of their family. We also expand the benefit choices that they have, by working in your company. The best part about all of this is that we do this while not adding any direct cost to you or the company.


Joe Andrews

Colonial Employee Benefits Solutions